Not as in "The Fall of Woman" (which is the title of a yet-to-be written book about the demise of the 'woman' as we know it from the inability to decide what shoes to wear, making us repetitively late for functions/dinners), but as in "a woman actually fell when the Google camera vehicle drove by".

If you click on this Google map, you will see the image of a woman on the left side of the street.  When you cursor over the woman's image, you will see a shadow box appear.  When that box appears, left-click.  Go ahead, I'll wait here....

If you click the arrow that "moves you" farther down the street, and then click the panoramic controller to see behind you, you will see the series of photographs in which she gets up and continues on her way.

I hope she was okay, and, if I knew her, would thank her for the giggle.  The giggle from Google.  Ha!