We get requests to help spread the word out about fundraisers on a daily basis, but it's not often that I can copy-and-paste the request, as they usually need re-writing...

This one was written from the heart, and I will present it as it was received...

Loss of a Loved One

I am emailing you today on behalf of a beloved friend who's life was taken from him far too early. Andrew Jude Abshire was a dear friend and fraternity brother. He was killed in a vehicle accident early Tuesday morning. He was loved by so many. Loyal, respectful, honorable, beloved, and humble are all words that come to mind when trying to describe the type of person Andrew was. Although great words, they seem so petty compared to how I would actually want to describe him to you. No words exist that could describe how great of a person Andrew was.

Andrew leaves behind a young daughter named Amelia. She is only but 15 months old. It is so sad that this little girl will not be able to grow up with her father. He would have been an amazing role model for this little girl. We know, however, he will be looking over her and all of us.

As a fraternity brother, we took an oath to always be there for one another. So, in Andrew's honor, a couple of friends and I came up with the idea to raise money for his baby daughter, Amelia. This money will be put into a fund so that she can one day use it to pay for her college. In less than 24 hours, we have already raised almost $10,000. This is far more than we ever imagined. That just goes to show how loved Andrew really was and how he is still looking down upon all of us, especially his daughter.

I would like to share the link to the donation website with you. Our hope is that your radio station could help promote this great cause. Any help promoting will be greatly appreciated!

God Bless



If you can help, please do.