Find a heart that will love you at your worst and happiness will follow you in abundance. I just received a text from my Son and it said, "Love You".  Then shortly after I was on the phone with someone who ended the conversation with, "Love You".  And I thought, you know, I hope you had the words, "I Love You" spoken to you this weekend.

I also hope you had someone wrap their arms around you and squeeze you in a way that you know someone has your back no matter what crosses your path.

I'm still moving into my new place and was thinking how I have been so involved with this move, I have been devoting most of my time to work and getting settled in and in doing so, have totally neglected my children, loved ones and friends.  And even though over the last few weeks most of them have expressed their unhappiness in my relationship maintenance or lack of, most have asked if I need help and almost always end conversations with, "Love Ya".

Just in case no one said, "I Love You", to you this weekend just know you are loved!