I know that we all have them:  days when we can't be a productive as normal, as creative as normal, or as normal as normal.

Today is one of those days for me. I think that it's called "mental block".

As with most jobs, we have certain tasks that we must complete each day.  Some of these tasks are "black and white":  recording information, taking meter readings, answering phones, playing music.  Other tasks require some creativity:  interacting with listeners on the phone, writing Facebook status updates and writing (at least 2) blog posts.

I struggled to interact on the phone today, but was able to get it done.  The Facebook status update?  Fail.  The web blog post?  Well, this is it, and it ain't much.

How do you handle days when you just can't get the creative fluids flowing?    Do you have a go-to activity that gives your brain the re-set that it needs, like going for a walk or chatting with co-workers?  Do you get something to eat?   Or do you just give up and go home?

Giving up and going home isn't an option for me.  I ate a great lunch.  Chatting with my co-workers just distracted them from their tasks.

So, here it is:  my blog post for the day.  Now, if I could only think of something to use as a subject for another blog post, my day will be complete.  Any ideas?