(Janise Fernandez, KATC) "People in Acadiana don't drive on ice often so we're really unprepared for it,"said Dayne Huval of Southwest Safety and Driving School.
"If your vehicle begins to go into a skid make sure you take your foot off the gas pedal. Do not hit the brakes and turn your wheel in the direction of skid,"said Huval.
You should avoid driving on ice altogether, but if you have to get on the roads, give yourself extra time before heading out the door.
"Most roads have a lot of traction, but when covered in ice, it creates a smooth surface making it easy to lose control,"said Huval.
When roads are iced, it creates a smooth surface which can feel like you're ice skating. There isn't much traction.
"Do not be over-confident when driving on ice. Ice is extremely dangerous to drive on," he said.
Get rid of all distractions, that means ignoring calls and turning off your cell phone.
"You can get in an accident and I'm sure that's not what people want to talk about on the phone,"said Huval.
Remember, drive slow and be aware of all cars on the road.
"We don't drive with vehicles.. we drive with people,"said Huval.