I love a good steak! When I find them on special, I buy a few, even if I have no immediate plans to cook them. You know what that means. They get frozen. It's long been my habit to thaw steaks before cooking. If you're about to thaw some steaks and fire up the grill this weekend, the Huffington Post says you're doing it wrong. Senior editor of Cook's Illustrated, Don Souza says steaks that are cooked straight out of the freezer are far preferable, "When we tasted them here in the test kitchen, we preferred the cooked from frozen steaks hands down." Souza says frozen steaks retain more of their natural juices, and shrink less. He also recommends freezing your steaks on a flat surface, then wrapping them. If you're surprised, don't feel alone. It's news to me , too. Next time I freeze some steaks, I'll try this.