We Americans are a nation of hardy people. We have to be. Nasa reports the USA has the most violent weather on Earth. Our country was founded by people who were kicked out of their homeland and sent here to die.  Our nation survived a civil war, and has grown to become the envy of nearly  everyone else on Earth.

When disaster, terrorists, or domestic sociopaths threaten we rise up, and pull together. The tornadoes in Alabama, Superstorm Sandy, Midwestern floods, the Sandyhook shootings and Boston Marathon Bombings have brought out the best in countless Americans.  The same events have unfortuntely brought out the worst in some.

Most people's reaction to unfortunate is events is to help however way they can. Others look for a way to cash in. CNBC reports approximately 125 charity domain names were registered within 4 hours after the Boston Marathon Bombings.

How can you make sure your donation goes where it's meant to? You can verify the legitimacy  of a charity by visiting charitynavigator.org. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance.