When I bring Tucker to work with me, people are amazed at how well-trained she is, and are quick to ask "Why don't you take my dog for a few weeks and teach him a thing or two?!".

Usually my answer is "Well, because he's not my dog, he's yours!"

The guy in this video got "Jackson" from the pound just one month prior to this video, so it is quite amazing that "Jackson" became this obedient this quickly.

The main things to remember when training a dog (and most pets, I'm sure) are repetition and reward (NOT punishment).  The only 'punishment' that Tucker ever received was not getting the reward!  (Brilliant, no?)

The second most-heard comment when I bring Tucker out in public is "Will you train my kids??!?".   The answer: "Nope.  Dogs are much easier...."


So after I finished writing this story, I was looking through the 'suggested' videos that Youtube offers up after the video you watch finishes playing, and I found another video.  This one made me realize, again, how much I love my dog.  I am going to leave the video here, but I urge you not to watch it.  If you are a dog owner, do NOT click on this link.  Just don't.  If you do, you might end up hugging your dog all day.

(Via Youtube)