I hate having to use a headline like that, but it is true: this dog, Elroy, is set to be euthanized tomorrow if he isn't fostered or adopted.

Why are there so many dogs in the shelters?  Well, one of the biggest reasons is because of irresponsible owners.  If you own a dog (or a cat, for that matter), and you don't plan on raising and taking care of any and all puppies (or kittens) that those pets produce, then you have the duty of getting them spayed or neutered.  It is the pet owner's responsibility.

Take, for instance, this guy:  Elroy.


It is, in a sense, Last Call for sweet Elroy, as he desperately needs someone to save him.  His time is up tomorrow (Friday, April 22, 2016).  It will be Elroy's last day on Earth.  He has spent the last 30 days in lock-up (in the shelter), and if someone doesn't contact Animal Aid for Vermilion (AAVA) and agree to adopt or foster Elroy, he gets no reprieves and no extensions.

Why do you have to go through AAVA to get to Elroy?  Because, he is in the Vermilion Parish Rabies/Animal Control facility, which is a "kill" shelter, and they do not allow public adoptions.  Vermilion Parish will work with rescue organizations, but, as of now, none are available to help, as they have no foster homes available.

If you would like to give Elroy a loving home, even if it is temporary, you can apply with AAVA by clicking this link.

Elroy isn't the only dog facing death - thousands are put down each year in Louisiana alone. Elroy is going to be put down tomorrow because someone didn't love him.  The person who was supposed to care for him failed in his or her duties as a pet owner.  

If you'd like to help save Elroy, or help the AAVA continue their mission of saving innocent dogs, call (337) 366-0212.