There have only been five instances where Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando have had to close their gates or curtail their operations. The passage of Hurricane Irma on Sunday and Monday was the most recent reason the world famous attraction shut down.

According to the Disney website, the parks plan to reopen today. Based on social media reports the damage to the properties appears to be minimal.

From most reports, it does appear as if Disney dodged the brunt of the storm. As many pictures indicate there are limbs down and a few things knocked askew.

Based on NOAA observations the Orlando area received about 9.5 inches of rain as a result of the storm and its passage. The Orlando airport reported a wind gust of 79 mph during the height of the storm. As of Monday night, there were still about 900,000 homes and businesses without power in the Orlando area.

A Disney spokesman told a Los Angeles newspaper that the park did not lose power during the storm. The parks however expected to lose several million dollars in revenue as a result of the closure because of the storm.