As schools nationwide drop cursive handwriting from their lesson plans, many fear that someday children will not know how to sign their names. Keyboarding is now replacing cursive handwriting. 

So far, 41 States have adopted new educational standards that do not require cursive. The new Common Core State Standards for English provide a general framework for what students are expected to learn before entering college. 

When I was growing up we called it typing but we also had to learn handwriting and it was imperative to keep those letters and words within the one inch lines on the paper. The art of handwriting back then was called script. Even Jimi Hendrix used the art of cursive to write his song lyrics below which are now historical archives.

Nowadays I do more keyboarding (typing) than cursive (script) to the point where I forget how to correctly form letters in cursive writing style. 

States like Massachusetts and California have decided to keep cursive as a learning requirement.

Many parents and those who support cursive believe handwriting skills help kids refine their motor skills.  It enables them to read and decipher historical articles and encourages them to write more personalized letters by hand.