Many in the crowd apparently enjoyed Britney Spears' performances at the Billboard Music Awards.  Chris Willman with Yahoo Music clearly did not. The onetime pop diva has struggled with a myriad of problems in recent years, ranging from quickie marriages to bouts of depression and her career has  been floundering.  Britney's touring this summer.  It will be interesting to see what kind of reviews the shows get, and how well they're attended.

 'Teen Idols' historically have a shelf -life of  3 to 4 years, so the fact we're discussing her at all in 2011 is actually in defiance of the odds.   In my opinion,

 Britney's had her day, but that's just MY opinion. What do you think?

I didn't watch the Billboard Music Awards.  

'As for whether she's gotten over her addiction to lip-synching, you're still much more likely to hear Kurt Cobain sing live this year than you are Britney'.     -Chris Willman, Yahoo Music