There's an old joke, "What does a Cajun do when he sees a UFO landing?.......He grabs a gun and tells his wife to cook some rice!"

Folks in Louisiana have more uses for rice than anyone else in the world. We serve it with gumbo, etouffee, & shrimp stew. We make "dirty rice" and Jambalaya. We throw it at newlyweds, and punish badly behaved kids by making them kneel on it. We put it in salt shakers to keep the humidity from clogging them. Remembering that in the wee hours saved me some expense and a LOT of aggravation.

When I went to bed Tuesday night, I spilled some water on my iPhone. The room was dark and I didn't notice. It started buzzing and vibrating around 3 am, waking me up. The display was flashing wildly, as if it was demonically possessed. (3 am, Halloween morning.) When I grabbed it off the nightstand, it was wet. Oh. NO!!... I turned it off & wiped it dry.

When I turned back on, it continued going crazy. You probably know that awful feeling... lost contacts? Pictures? The holidays are approaching, and I've recently been on a vacation. The idea of investing in a new smartphone this time of year didn't help my mood, especially at that hour.

Suddenly, a light came on in my head!

I went to the kitchen, put it a bowl and covered it with rice. When I got up for the day, I turned it on & everything was fine!

I told this tale to one of my coworkers yesterday. He said, "I don't think that would have fixed the one I put through the laundry." Probably not.