My daughter Brittni and I took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in honor of our friend Roshelle's mom who lost her life to ALS.  Friend Donnie Matte and JayCee from KTDY were the chosen one's to dump the ice and water.  JayCee poured the freezing water on me and after watching the video, I believe he took just  a little too much joy.

About two months ago, I was challenged and paid up instead of being soaked.  This time, Brittni and I did it for a very special friend.  We did however challenge a bunch of people to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge within the next 24 hours.

After being drenched, we went straight into the pool.

The ice bucket phenomenon is due to one amazing man, his name is Pete Frates.  Frates, a former Boston College baseball captain, has inspired the world to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for one simple goal, to stamp out ALS.