If you witnessed a child being unruly at a public gathering where 'calm and quiet' should be exercised, what would you do or say?  Here are just a few comments listeners posted on the KTDY Facebook page.

 Alli Latiolais  "If I was close enough to them, I would shush them and hopefully the parents would get the hint! That's a tough one!!"

 Kim Broussard  "The thing is we can't just assume that this child is a brat and his parents are sitting there doing nothing. There could be a very valid reason to why this child can't keep still. Maybe they spent the better part of the night in the ER and got no sleep, maybe the child has a disorder that causes him to be fidgety or talkative. The reason is not for ME or YOU to judge."

 Stephanie Buller Skinner  "Sometimes i love it when other people correct my kids. they stop listening to me after a while but when someone else tells them something, they feel shame!"

 Shana Denea Rebert  "My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was young, it has nothing at all to do with rather a child has ADD or ADHD. He still knew when he had to sit and behave at church, eating out, the movie, or even in the Library."

 Danielle Louviere  "Tell the parents they need to control there brats."

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