We have a cat at the Reynolds' home, called "Cosmeaux." (He's also from Abbeville.) I'm not a huge pet person, but we had a few cats growing up and I preferred them to the dogs we had, who generally smelled awful and jumped all over me. (Hear that sound? It's JayCee de-friending me on Facebook).

Anyway, we didn't have Cosmeaux fixed, so he's sprayed numerous areas in the house and has chewed up THREE iPhone charger cables. I've given serious thought to taking Cosmeaux for a nice drive (nice for me) and leaving him in a cane field. My wife and daughters adore him, so he's safe, but I still don't care for him.

If Cosmeaux were to pull his weight around the house, however, it would go a long way to improving our relationship. He could learn a trade like "Kido" here, who wins at the old "shell game" each time he plays. I have a feeling Kido would probably be a killer at Blackjack.  If I can teach Cosmeaux to win me money, he might just be my new best friend.