Steve Wiley Kills The KTDY ‘Cooties’ [Video]
I swear, CJ is a 21st century Typhoid Mary! He picks up every bug that comes down the pike. This has been a tough flu season. We at KTDY haven't been lucky enough to avoid it. CJ, Debbie Ray, Jaycee, and I have all gotten the bug. CJ has been hit the hardest.
Happy Birthday, Eric Clapton! [Video]
Eric Clapton is my alltime favorite musician. I've been a fan since I was 12. Eric is 73 years old today (March 30th). That's kind of incredible, given the fact that he rose to superstardom in an era where several of his peers, most notably Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison didn…
CJ’s Daily Message: Life, Failures And A Funny [VIDEO]
Going into the long holiday weekend, I decided to give you two serious messages and one that is just for fun only. First, I talk about how we all have two lives. Secondly we visit the fact that most people fail not knowing how close to success they really were. And last, but not least, I end with…
CJ’s Message Of The Day: Somebody Will Always Hate Peaches
I hope you guys are watching these videos, I'm loving doing them. Today I have put together two fabulous quotes I've stolen from others much smarter than I. There is a quote from Albert Einstein in this edition that will blow your socks off. He intended it for women, but it works just a…

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