Behind the Scenes

Steve Wiley Up For National Award But Needs Your Vote
Most of you know Steve Wiley as the big Teddy Bear sounding radio announcer that's on KTDY right in the middle of the workday. What you may not know is that Steve is also the Music Director for KTDY. Many industry leaders would agree that a knowledgeable, conscientious Music Director is key t…
Exclusive Videos And Pics From CJ’s Memphis Trip
I know, I know, what happened in Memphis is supposed to stay in Memphis. We had such a great time I have to share a few videos and pics, only the safe for work videos and pics lol. A luxury coach full of 56 happy Cajun Elvis fans (most were Elvis fans) took to the highways and byways of the deep …
Steve Wiley Makes CJ Breakfast [VIDEO]
Have you ever awakened with a particular food craving. Happens to me all the time. A few mornings ago, I woke up with a somewhat odd craving. Lucky for me, I have a friend like Steve Wiley.

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