Boil up to 3 - 30lbs bags of crawfish at one time with one hand!  A.D.D. Welding & Fabrication has revolutionized the art of boiling crawfish.

The Crawfish Cooker will change the way you boil and steam.  The pot is all aluminum.  The burner stand is stainless including the gas lines and tubing.  Hoses to run double bottles is also included.

Imagine, if you can, unloading a sack of crawfish into the boiler/steamer and when they're done not having to take the pot off a burner to empty the water, not burning yourself ever again AND having the crawfish go from the water straight into the ice chest using just one hand.

The Crawfish Cooker will set you back about $1800.00 but is worth every penny to a native Louisianian.  While you're boiling your own delicious crawfish, you can listen to the "Boiled Crawfish Recipe Song".