Is Black Friday a scam?  If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!  Don't fall for it this year.

Retailers, some, dupe you into believing you are getting the deal of a lifetime just to lure you through their doors.  How else could they get you out of a warm bed at 6AM or earlier, have you fight an ungodly amount of traffic and then become part of a herd of people all getting on each others nerves all on the biggest shopping day of the year.  I mean come on!

Many items with deep price cuts were actually intended to sell at a higher price.  Repeating, many of those items you are waking up early over, were never meant to be sold at a higher "original" retail price.  The discount was built in from the beginning.  Retailers use these items to get you through the door because once you are inside, chances are, you will buy more than one item.

Happy Holidays!

[Via:  Wall Street Journal]