With a boost from the development of apps for iPods, tablets, smartphones and other devices, the profession of Software Engineer has jumped to the top of the new 2011 Jobs Rated Report released by CareerCast.com. The worst rated job is Roustabout, a dirty, dangerous and often stressful job, as evidenced by the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and subsequent oil spill.
Best Jobs in 2011
1. Software Engineer
6. Meteorologist
2. Mathematician
7. Biologist
3. Actuary
8. Historian
4. Statistician
9. Audiologist
5. Computer Systems Analyst
10. Dental Hygienist
Worst Jobs in 2011
200. Roustabout
195. Emergency Medical Technician
199. Iron worker
194. Welder
198. Lumberjack
191. (Tie) Painter
197. Roofer
191. (Tie) Meter Reader
196. Taxi Driver
191. (Tie) Construction Worker

To see the 2011 rankings of all 200 best and worst jobs, go to www.careercast.com/jobs-rated/2011-ranking-200-jobs-best-worst.
[Via: Dial Global]