Whether it's first thing in the morning and you just need something to kick-start your day, or it's after lunch and you're beginning to feel the 2pm nap monster creeping up behind you, a good cup of coffee is the cure for either situation. Here's some of the best places to grab some coffee in Acadiana:

1. PJ's (on UL Campus)

Looking for a quiet spot to sit back and enjoy your coffee, or maybe want to be seen while you're sippin? PJ's is in a prime spot on the UL campus and you can choose between sitting upstairs for some peace and quiet, or head out under the tree outside, plus they've got delicious coffee.

200 E St Mary Blvd
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 572-9555

2. Johnston St. Java

One of the newcomers to the area, Johnston St. Java ( in front of the Grand ) has this delicious coffee called Samoa, like those girl scout cookies...and they have really good cupcakes. Johnston Street Java is also known for their incredible music selection while you're enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee.

3123 Johnston St.
Lafayette, LA

3. Starbucks (inside Barnes & Noble)

Next on the list is the Starbucks inside the Barnes and Noble on Johnston near the mall. The service is always fast, they know I don't speak "coffee" yet they still get me what I want. It's also a great place for me to bring the kids, they can roam through out the book store while I play on Ipad and pretend to be a pseudo-intellectual.

5705 Johnston St
Lafayette, LA 70503

4. Exxon Station (I49/Grand Couteau Exit)

A little off the beaten path from Lafayette, The Exxon Station the I-49 Sunset/Grand Coteau Exit is a unique place to grab some coffee while you're headed on I-49.  Always Fresh Hot Community Coffee 24/7.  They have a gang of elderly gentlemen who congregate there every morning pre-dawn to schmooze over a cup o’ joe there.

1676 Napoleon Avenue
Sunset, LA 70584
(337) 662-5233

5. Commstop

If you're in the area, be sure to check out the Shell on the corner of S. Fieldspan and W. Congress.  It’s called CommStop.  They have the best coffee.  And the owner will even make you a fresh pot whenever you desire, no matter what hour.  And, he will even let you make a fresh pot yourself.  Delish!

2106 S. Fieldspan Rd,
Duson,  LA

Didn't see your favorite coffee stop? Let us know where you get your brew!