Here he goes again, Benson buys the New Orleans Hornets.  Ah, who cares about BountyGate?  Saints owner Tom Benson reportedly will pay $338 million for the Hornets. The NBA has owned and operated the Hornets since December of 2010.  The Hornets were valued recently at $285 million by Forbes.

“The city is one of the country’s treasures and we really have found the perfect owner,” NBA commissioner David Stern said. “Our goal all along has been to get the Hornets bought by somebody whose commitment to New Orleans would be unrivaled.”

Worth over a billion dollars, yes with a 'B', Benson rushed in to save the day.  Or did he?  Many in the New Orleans area believe Benson's recent purchase is not good for the city of New Orleans.  One New Orleanian was heard saying, "He rapes our city."

By the way, Mr.  Benson says a deal with Drew Brees will be done soon!

So is Benson owning the Hornets a good thing?


[Via:, Fox Sports]