Do you worry about your kids damaging your electronics? Sometimes it seems like today's children handle them more skillfully than adults do. We drop them, get 'em wet, etc.  What about your pets??!! According to SquareTrade, pets in America have damaged more than eight million gadgets, totaling $3 billion in repairs and replacement costs. Smartphones are the most frequent target, one-third of all broken devices.To make matters worse, 75% of all damaged units aren't insured.

Here are some interesting facts to keep in mind.

  • Two-thirds of all damage result from am animal putting a device in their mouth
  • 21% of accidents take place while the owner is using the item
  • Roughly 16% of pet owners report animals have thrown up on, or used the device   as a toilet
  • Male pets are 50% more likely to damage your merchandise than a female
  • 1in 6 pet owners say their animals intentionally damaged device because they were mad at their owner
  • Overweight pets are 72% more likely to cause damage than those of normal weight.