Are There More Net - Connected Devices In Your Home Then People? There are in mine.The NPD Group reports There are now internet capable devices than there are people living in the United States.


The Census Bureau lists the U.S. population at more than 315 million, and 425 million internet-connected devices now reside in U.S. homes. Desktop and laptop computers lead the way with mobile devices are slowly catching up. The survey reports 183 million internet-connected gadgets are computers. Smartphones are second at 133 million. Video game consoles come in third, with 39 million. Tablets number just over 31 million. NPD predicts more screen sharing between devices by the end of this year. Use of mobile devices is on the rise.

The  Forrester Research Firm says tablet ownership in the U.S. more than doubled last year. Half of online adults  reportedly own a smartphone. I have a laptop, iphone wi - fi streamer, and Blu - Ray. How about you?