These days, some people can't take being offended. If they see something they feel is wrong or 'offensive,' they do their best to make an issue of something, leading to lots of drama that helps no one in the end. Most people will encounter something that offends them, maybe get a little upset, and then move on with their day. No problem, right?

Not for some 'social justice warriors' who see it as their mission to fight these kinds of 'battles.' The real reason some of these offended people get offended is because of ego, pure and simple. They are either unable or unwilling to 'take the world as it is,' to paraphrase an old saying. They must have the world reflect their beliefs.

Which brings us to the 'Satanic Temple.' This group made  a fuss over the 10 Commandments a few years back, demanding that a statue of Baphomet, a demonic entity, be allowed in the same place as the 10 Commandments in a government building in Oklahoma. TST was successful, causing the Oklahoma Supreme Court to remove the 10 Commandments statue and thus preventing the demonic statue to be erected as well.

Let's pause here for a minute. Are we really that far gone that we will equate the 10 Commandments, which even some atheists accept as good moral instruction, with a statue of a demon that is worshiped by cults and other groups responsible for ritual human sacrifice?

The answer might be 'yes.'  TST approached schools across the country Monday, asking that 'After School Satan' clubs be considered as alternatives to other faith - based clubs. Because the Supreme Court voted that all religious groups have equal access to schools in 2001, the Satanic Temple would also legally have a claim to offer extracurricular clubs.

The Satanic Temple claims that they don't really believe in Satan and are a group that simply want to encourage free thinking, critical thinking, and moral behavior.

If that's true, why does this organization build statues of Baphomet, a demonic creature that symbolizes the devil? If this after school organization is so harmless, why does the video above look like something out of a horror movie? Are we really supposed to believe anything these people say when they worship the devil, who is called 'The Prince of Lies?'

This article explains that the goal of TST is to cause controversy that forces organizations to remove all religious imagery from government institutions. You may not want your kids to pray in school, but would you really want a shady group that seems to actually support Satanic worship also having a place in schools?

Some Christians have done truly hateful and horrible things, but that shouldn't be blamed on Christianity. Most Christians I've met have lived what they believe and are people of love and kindness. I've never met a Satanist, but I'm familiar enough with their beliefs to know I don't want them to influence children.