What would you do if you found naughty pics on your 13-year-old's computer, check out how one dad handled it.  And he taking some heat over it.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

When one father discovered porn on his 13-year-old son’s computer, he didn’t confront him or punish him.  Instead, he wrote a note and left it for the teen to read privately.  He then posted the contents of the note on internet forum Reddit.

In the note, he told his son that he wasn’t angry with him and that he understood completely and that he was once a 13-year-old boy too.  He also promised not to tell his son’s mom. He warned him that many porn sites can infect computers with viruses, and even went as far as to suggest several “safe” adult sites.

The father says he was actually removing a virus from the computer when he found the porn history. His son is shy and not one for talking, so he wrote the note instead.  “He gets embarrassed super easily so I don’t wanna make it too hard on him. I typed this up and left it on his computer,” said the boy's father.

Did he handle the situation correctly?

[Via:  mashable.com]