Having grown up in South Louisiana doing a lot of fishing and crabbing, I think that today might have been one of the best days ever.

Okay, maybe there was an event in my life that stood out more than the events on this day did, but when you put all of today's events together, it made for a great day.

First, I didn't have to go to work.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but we ALL need at least one full day off of work per weekend, I believe.  Today was that day.

It started early with a few friends meeting me at the house, early in the morning.  We loaded up the gear and headed to Abbeville to get the boat, and then to Don's Boat Landing in Boston.

Our chariot for today's "perfect" day (Staff Photo)

We left the Boston Canal and headed south, towards Marsh Island.  My brother Sam said that we should try crabbing at Marsh Island, past the Game Warden Camp, at the weir.

Marsh Island Weir (Staff Photo)

We caught about 4 dozen crabs before they slacked off.  We then packed up and headed to the pass.

Dolphins At Southwest Pass, Vermilion Bay (Staff Photo)

I like going through the pass because of the dolphins.  Normally, you can see about a dozen of them (seemingly) playing.  To see a pod of them traveling together, all coming up for air within a few seconds of each other is awesome!

Ready for the boiling pot! (Staff Photo)

After motoring around in the Gulf of Mexico for a few minutes, we headed to Redfish Point, searching for more crabs.  We caught just a few more, and then headed to Janice's camp on the Boston Canal.

Boiling the crabs at Janice's camp (Staff Photo)

We seasoned up the water and boiled 3 dozen of the larger crabs.  We had potatoes, fresh corn (on the cob, of course), and a beautiful day to enjoy them!

All boiled up!! (Staff Photo)

After we ate and cleaned up our mess, we headed back to Abbeville to put the boat away.  Hopefully, before too long, we'll be able to make another trip - maybe to Rockefeller next  time!

After we dropped off the boat, I got a text from my co-worker to tell me that he had a fresh Mississippi watermelon in his refrigerator - he didn't have to text me twice!  I was there in a flash, and enjoyed the watermelon tremendously (negative calories, right??  Ha!).

Mississippi watermelon - delicious (Staff Photo)

And finally, to cap off a really great day, I remembered that I had put my sheets washing this morning.  After I got cleaned up, dogs fed, house straightened, I heard the dryer stop and I knew:  Fresh sheets tonight!!  That's a great feeling!

And to top it all off: CLEAN SHEETS! AHHHHHH! (Staff Photo)