I wrote a poem in college over a relationship that broke my heart and until now, I've never let the public read it.

It's about a person whom I fell in love with, never let them know how I felt, and by not doing so, lost that person to someone else.

I was on the air one night years after we'd dated when I received a phone call from a mutual friend who called to tell me she was engaged.  I decided that evening, that before she married, I was going to meet with her to let her know how I felt and how I had kept my feelings and my hurt hidden for years...and that I loved her.

I called her and she agreed to meet.  That day we did all the things that we'd done when we were in college.  We crammed all of our college weekends into one afternoon.  She said to me that day that had she known, things may have turned out completely different.

We parted that afternoon with my last words to her being, "When I close this door, you will be in my heart forever, but for my own sanity, I have to get on with my life", and we kissed one last time.  I have never seen her again.

I had never written a poem when I wrote this and have never written one since.  This would have been written late 1981, early 1982.

It has no title...

Once there was a sea

A sea shinning with glimmer and gleam

A sea that was almost like a dream

Then one day the sea became gold

Shinny and polished

Like the life of a spiritual soul

Some say the sea became an array of platinum

Others say it was just an illusion

An illusion to one

Everything possible to man to the other

Then the sea began to drain

Like a bucket with only one hole

A bucket that couldn't hold even the thickest rain

Soon the sea was empty

Hollow to the Earth, hollow to one

One who now had no reason

Like the Earth without a Sun

Over the years the bottom became rough and jagged

Like skin without elastic

The winds were bad to the sea

They whipped and pounded

Something about the sea had died

The sea was sort of like a lock without a key

No reason to be

Year after year the sea had hope

Hope that one day there would be a drenching rain

But the rain never came

Ol sea remained the same

Time passed

Then one day there was a huge earthquake

The Earth moved for miles and miles

Destroying the sea's bottom completely

Now only a small miracle would give the sea rain

Rain that was so desperately needed for survival

And one day the miracle happened

An awakening

Winds pounded, the Earth moved, seagulls sang as the sea repaired

Nature had taken it's course

There it was

A hole for miles and miles in every direction

A perfect bottom with perfect sides and...Water?

There had to be water


There was no water

The sea pleaded...Water...please oh God let there be water

Water never came

Some say it was best

Others say no

But all agree, a sea without water is just a hole.