A Michigan mom went to Facebook to show her son that he does have friends, a lot of friends! A boy in Michigan, named Colin, told his mom that he did not want to have a 11th birthday party because he has no friends at school. The mom was saddened and thought that Facebook might be able to help her out, and it did just that.

The 11-year-old boy suffers from a condition similar to that of Asperger's and this has led many of the children at school to not want to be around him. So when the time came for Colin and his mom to start planning his birthday party Colin said he didn't want to have one. His mom, Jennifer, was so upset to think that he son felt this way so she created a Facebook page for her son to prove that he really does have friends out there. Since the creation of the page little Colin has gotten over a million "Likes!"

Colin has not only received likes but several hundred birthday wishes along with cards and presents that have been mailed to his house.

This is simply an amazing story that warms my heart! I hope that Colin has the best birthday EVER! Colin's birthday is on March 9th and his mom, Jennifer, is keeping all of this a secret until then. If you would like to send Colin a special birthday gift you can send it to, Colin, P.O. Box 756, Richland, Michigan  49083″.