2 - Year - Old St. Jude cancer survivor Annalise Arnaud and her mom Tara showed up in the KTDY control room during the Polyester Power Hour (PPH) Friday morning wearing her Polyester Power Hour pants.  Sha sha sha cute!

Staff Photo

Diagnosed in January 2013 with a hepatoblastoma tumor, Annalise is another success story from that special place in Memphis known as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Debbie Ray and I were extremely busy Friday morning with so much going on, on top of the already demanding PPH.  However, when this little girl came into the room, the whole atmosphere changed.  She not only commanded your attention, she deserved it.  And I don't believe I've ever met a more beautiful 2-year-old.  She was having fun with Tammy Hebert so I whipped out my phone and filmed a little bit of her visit.

2-Year-Old St. Jude Cancer Survivor Wearing Polyester Power Hour Pants