WARNING: This is difficult to watch.

A 4-year old girl was struck in the face by a foul ball during the Minnesota Twins/New York Yankees game at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday.

New York’s Todd Frazier, who hit the ball, was clearly upset, and after the game emotionally called for more netting to be used at MLB games, for the fans' protection.

The young girl, who was taken out of the stadium in a stretcher, is still in the hospital this morning, and it is unknown if she'll have to require surgery.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the young girl, and her family.

As for more netting at MLB games; it's unquestionably coming.

You hate to have something like a 4-year old girl getting hit in the face for a change to take place, but it could win up saving someone else's life in the future.

MLB didn't want this to happen. Nobody wanted this to happen. Unfortunately, we tend as a society to be more reactive than proactive.

The time to discuss safety issues is before some one gets seriously injured, not after.

It was just an awful moment in baseball last night. Now, let's just hope some good comes out of it, with the young girl fully recovering first and foremost.

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