A young man who heckled Cam Newton at the NFL stars own football camp has issued an apology for his actions that went viral over the weekend.

The camper got Cam's attention when he kept referring to him as a free agent since the Patriots have let him walk after the 2020 NFL season. Of course, their interaction on the sideline was caught on camera and posted all over social media.

A number of current and former NFL players backed Newton after this latest incident and many noted that the young man in the video below was out of line.

I assume a family member or coach convinced the young man to apologize to the NFL quarterback or perhaps it was the amount of support offered up to Newton via social media that convinced him to step up and apologize.

Now, since this video surfaced, the young athlete has issued this apology to the NFL quarterback.

To see what other NFL players had to say about this incident, visit the Facebook page here and feel free to comment about this incident on the social media platform you are seeing this story on.

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