Aaron  Judge is without a doubt the hottest hitter in the MLB this season. Judge was determined to hit at least 50 home runs this season like he was able to do just a few seasons ago. Well, he has surpassed the goal by a pretty big margin as he hit his 60th home run. Judge tied the great Babe Ruth who was sitting at fourth on the list for most home runs in a single season. The moment was special for Judge and everyone associated with and a fan of the Yankees.

It was even more exciting for the group of fans who got a chance to catch the historic home run ball. As soon as the ball landed in the outfield seats, a huge dog pile of fans desperately trying to catch the ball ensued.

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A young 20-year-old man by the name of Michael Kessler came out with a piece of history. Now there have been many times in sports history where fans have acquired a piece of history from a game. In many of these cases, we saw teams or organizations give these fans a load of souvenirs or merchandise in exchange for that piece of history. This was not the case for Michael who told the media after the game that he didn’t want anything in exchange for the ball.

Michael said he just wanted to give Judge the ball back to show his appreciation for all he has done for the franchise. After Michael spoke to the media, Aaron Judge met with the young fan to thank him.

Even though Kessler said he didn’t want anything in exchange for the ball, he and all his friends were given balls that were signed by Judge himself.

This is what I love about sports, the historic moment and the great stories that come out of them. Aaron Judge is now one home run away from tying and two from surpassing Roger Maris.

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