Is this a dream?!?

Month after month... week after week... the office vending machine is where we come together to hash out issues of the day. But CJ and Debbie Ray took it to a whole new level this week.

First, the Gardetto's were gone. Then we got them back. But, the reduced fat version. In my opinion, that's just means the 'reduced fun' version. Now, we have sweet potato chips. (If I want sweet potatoes, I will wait for Thanksgiving.)

Who did this? My first suspect was CJ, but it turns out it was Debbie Ray. She told our very nice vending machine stock man how good they were. So now... they are here to stay. That's it... we're just going to have to move it closer to my office, so I can keep better watch of what goes in and out!

"Rob... Maybe the solution is to stop getting breakfast from the vending machine?"

Time will tell.