A California woman has won $10,000,000 from a scratch-off Lotto ticket she never intended to buy. This story sounds like a lost movie plot from "Back to the Future".

Giorgio Trovato via Unsplash.com
Giorgio Trovato via Unsplash.com

Woman Wins $10 Million On Scratch-Off

In late 2021, Los Angeles woman LaQuedra Edwards decided to try her luck with a few Lotto tickets because, if you want to win you gotta play right?

Edwards walked up to a Lottery Scratchers vending machine, fed $40 cash into the machine, and then carefully made her decision about which tickets to buy.

As she reached toward the Lotto machine to begin pressing buttons for the tickets she wanted, Edwards says "a rude stranger" bumped into her, making her accidentally buy a $30 scratch-off ticket.

Edwards tells usatoday.com that she had never bought a $40 scratch-off ticket in her life, and never would.

The rude stranger who reportedly bumped into her, forcing her to buy the scratch-off ticket she didn't intend on buying, never apologized for his mishap and just walked away.

How rude, right?

Little did LaQuedra Edwards know that rude stranger had just set into motion an unbelievable, life-changing turn of events.

Fanboy30, Flickr
Fanboy30, Flickr

From usatoday.com -

"Irritated from getting the wrong ticket, Edwards sat down in her car and began scratching. Her frustration turned to excitement when she won the top prize of $10 million."

Think about that for a second.

What are the mathematical odds starting from Edwards and the rude stranger's birth that at that exact moment in time they would wind up in the same place, at the same time, and the stranger would bump into her making her buy the wrong scratch-off ticket that allowed her to win $10,000,000?

Edwards says when she saw the ticket was showing she had just won $10,000,000, she couldn't make sense of what she was seeing.

She took her California Lottery app and scanned the ticket and, yep...it showed she had just won $10 million dollars.

Let your brain melt into a puddle of mush thinking about this one for a minute.

Read more at usatoday.com.

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