I went to Target today to grab a few things. When I walked out of the store I immediately heard something beautiful. It was a violin playing over music and it was blaring. It was so loud and so incredibly powerful. When I heard it I was instantly filled with joy. I wondered where it was coming from. I saw a jeep driving in the parking lot and thought maybe it was coming from their radio. But, I realized it was bigger than that. Then I thought maybe Target had it coming from speakers to spread cheer in their parking lot. It wasn't that either. I followed the sound and that's when I saw a woman playing the music live. Live in the parking lot under a tree. I saw a man standing next to her holding a child. And then I noticed the sign that said that they lost their job and needed help.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

My heart melted. This family didn't have any money and this is how they were trying to get a few bucks. The thing that got me was that it was thoroughly entertaining. Actually, it was more than that. The music she was playing gave me goosebumps and lifted my spirits. I didn't hesitate to walk over and give them some money. It was so heartwarming to see so many doing the same. Some people stopped and handed them cookies while I was standing there.

The lady playing the violin is Daniella. Her husband, Leonard, was with her and their children. Daniella told me they were from Virginia and trying to get enough money to make their way back home. Her husband was a painter and he lost his job because of the pandemic. She said she has been playing the violin for 20 years. When I asked if they were planning on staying at that spot for a while, she said she would continue to play there until the police asked her to leave.

If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and go by Target and let this woman's music fill your heart and soul. And give them a gift to help their family.

Daniella gave me permission to video and I am so grateful to have it so I can watch it whenever I need some healing power.

They told me my donation meant so much to them and was a gift they are grateful for. Ironically, her music was the best gift I've received in a long time.



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