Jessica Bolger, married in 1997, had her wedding dress cleaned and preserved in a box that she never opened for 24 years. After being talked into opening the box, Jessica found not only her wedding dress but someone else's as well.

Bolger was married in July of 1997 in Pittsburgh. After the wedding, her dress was stored and never looked at until recently. The family moved a few times over the years, Bolger's wedding dress box traveled with the family but was never opened.

One day, Jessica was talking with a friend who was trying to convince her to open the box so she, as well as they, could see the dress. Bolger didn't want to at first. Her friend finally convinced her to open the box after the point was made that she has three boys and would never have a daughter to hand it down to.

When Jessica opened the box, she not only found her dress, but someone else's as well. At first, she thought the second dress was the dress her mom wore. After checking wedding day photos, it was confirmed that the second dress was not the mother's dress.

In an interview on News Radio KDKA, Bolger said when she opened the box, her mouth fell open.

When we opened this box, we all stood there probably two minutes, mouths open, no one said a word. How is it possible that I have a dress here that isn't mine? And worse, someone out there has a box that doesn't have their dress in it or it's empty.-Jessica Bolger.

Bolger has taken to social media to try and find the rightful owner of the rogue dress. Jessica remembers Edgewood Cleaners being the cleaners that preserved the dress.

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