Wolf Rock Cave is one of Louisiana's best natural beauties. Wolf Rock Cave is the only known remaining cave in Louisiana and it's just a short drive away from Lafayette.

Wolf Rock Cave Leeville, La is a trip into a Louisiana fairytale. The stunning forest views are a pleasant distraction from the everyday grind. Leave the cell phone in the car and experience Louisiana and one of her stunning natural wonders.

Wolf Rock Cave, nestled in Kisatchie National Forest, is a 30-million-year-old cave system that was once occupied by the Archaic people. Artifacts can still be found there.

Wolf Rock Cave

Wolf Rock Cave is located in Vernon Parish near the parking area in Bundicks Creek. You won't have a hard time finding it as the entrance is massive.

At one time Wolf Rock Cave stretched a long distance but authorities sealed off the two back rooms in the 1970s using explosives. The United States Forest Service closed the back portion for safety reasons.

Wolf Rock Cave is located near a beautiful stream.

The canopy of forest trees is literally a breath of fresh air.

Make it a day outing for your entire family.

Wolf Rock Cave is about a five-minute hike from the designated parking lot. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

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