This summer has been brutal for all of us in Louisiana and perhaps there is relief on the way.

Meteorologist Zack Fedella shared this graphic that shows predictions for our winter here, and it looks to be on the chilly side.

We have all been hoping for a break in these extreme conditions here, and while we may have to wait several weeks for a cool front, if you love cold and wet winters then this may bring joy into your life.

Fradellla says with the El Nino weather pattern, we could see a cold and wet winter here in the deep south. Could snow be part of this mix, well that is a possibility.


This long-term graphic here shows a cold and damp start to the year 2024, but as we get closer to the end of the year meteorologists will have more accurate forecasts for the winter months in Louisiana.

While this isn't a "set in stone" forecast, it is at least promising that we will have a few months of much cooler weather to end and start the new year.

For now, we just have to survive the end of summer and the rest of hurricane season, which goes through the month of November!



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