If you have been driving around the state and wondered to yourself why the grass is so tall in the medians, we think we have the answer for you.

If you are like me, cutting the grass isn't your favorite thing on the "To Do" list - especially during these Dog Days of Summer. It's hot out, you get all wet with sweat, the dust and grass clippings stick to your skin - it's just NOT a pleasant experience. Oh, the yard looks great when you are done, but is it worth it?

Yes, because when the yard is done, Momma is happy. And when Momma is happy, everybody's happy!

When the yard is done and the neighbors drive by, they say 2 things: 1) Oh, my, their yard looks nice, and 2) they cut their grass, now that means I have to cut mine!

Well, when anyone drives through your neighborhood and see a nice, manicured yard, they think that it must be a nice place to live if people keep up appearances. The same thing happens when people are driving through your city, or parish, or even through the state: if they see the grass cut, that could lead to them thinking it's a nice place.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Well, lately, I'm not too certain we'd get high rankings as a state when it comes to appearances if you judge by the height of the grass on our state highways. But, before we accost any of our state administrators over something as trivial as tall grass, let's let them explain why the grass is so tall.

Looking at the chart provided by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development above, it is easy to see that we've gotten a LOT of rainfall this year already and, don't look now, but the Tropics are just heating up! I've got my fingers crossed that no new developments come our way any time soon, as we certainly could use a break from rough weather, and our grass certainly could use a good cutting.

As you know, when the yard is too wet, it's tough to cut the grass. For one thing, the grass has a tendency to lay down and the blades don't get to cut all of it, leaving the yard looking like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. Also, some of these machines they use to cut the state highways are huge, and when it's too wet, they could easily get bogged down, causing a loss of time and money.

All we can do is have a little patience. They'll get to it. Eventually.


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