I have a confession to make: the main reason I took a job in radio was for the "cool" factor. Since being hired, there are several things that make me want to stay in radio: we get to attend concerts and other shows, host great events, meet celebrities, give away prizes on the radio and, basically, have fun all day and get paid for it.

With all of that being said, the thing I like most about radio is its ability to help. From being able to direct people to open gas stations or detours during hurricanes to sharing lost pet information, helping is what really keeps me here.

Recently we were able to help a family. Single mom + special needs Lauren Daigle mega-fan + sold out concert = a not-so-happy girl. With the help of the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, Blue Dog Cafe', and Luxury Limousines, we were able to put a smile on a family's face.

The story, in a nutshell: we saw a Facebook post about the family and, after making just a few phone calls, it all came together.

The audio clips below tell the whole story. This first clip is when we contacted the family to tell them that we had dinner and tickets. Listen:

Minutes after making a plea for a limousine, this happened:

And here is why many of us in radio do what we do:

In a time when many think that the media is their enemy, our little corner of the world tells a different story. The power of radio is strong, but not as strong as the generosity of Acadiana.

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