I was on vacation last week, and Shannon and I decided to take a ski trip for the weekend.

It was a wonderful trip, with great skiing on fresh-fallen snow, a warm fireplace, delicious food, a few adult beverages, and Family Guy on the TV.

Temperatures fell into the single digits (and it felt like some of my digits were falling into the snow) and for me, other than a warm fireplace, a warm bed is the place to be when it's 2º!

I was enjoying said warm bed at 7 AM on Saturday at a fancy-dancy ski resort, when this happened:


Who in the heck schedules hotel renovations on a Saturday morning at 7 AM?  Emergency repairs? I would understand that (along with a notice of said repairs well in advance). But normal room renovations? Unacceptable.

Oh, we did call the front desk. They compensated us for our inconvenience with a free night's stay.

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