It's been dubbed "the slap heard 'round the world."

Actor Will Smith's assault on comedian Chris Rock not only shook the comedian's face but it shook up the entertainment world and social media as well as people let their voices be heard on which entertainer they supported - Smith or Rock?


Since then, Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett-Smith has responded in her own way . And, no, Rock has still not filed a police report.

So, who do you support - Will Smith or Chris Rock?

The folks at put together a map on which states support which person. These guys love putting together sports based and entertainment based trends maps. This Will Smith vs. Chris Rock map is based on geotagged twitter data since the Oscar Slap Controversy happened on Sunday night. Hashtags #TeamWill, #TeamWillSmith, or #TeamChris, #TeamChrisRock, as well as phrases like "I support Will Smith" or "I support Chris Rock" - as well as over 200,000 tweets - were tracked to build the map. (How geotagged tweets are tagged.)

Was Will Smith right in "standing up for his woman" or did he handle "defending her honor" in the wrong way?

Well, Louisiana has spoken!

That's right! Louisianians are behind Chris Rock, as is most of the country. It is interesting to note that the South was pretty divided on who they supported as nearly half of Will Smith's support came from the Southern States.

In all, 41 states support Rock while 9 states support Smith.

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