This question was recently asked by a friend on Facebook: "Where's a good place for older people to go out?". We've got some of the responses.

One of the blessings about getting older is that you are (usually) no longer at the age where you do really stupid things, so why would you want to hang out with people who are still at that age?

When she posed the question, she included the parameters "not trashy, with older people". Several people responded to the question and, with the exception of a few responses that were intended as a joke, gave some pretty good recommendations. Now, for reference, the person who posted the question is female and over 40 .

Here are some of the responses, in no  particular order:

  1. Grouse Room
  2. Rock n' Bowl
  3. Scandal's
  4. Corner Bar(s)
  5. Kelvin's (Abbeville)
  6. Route 92
  7. Charlie G's (at the bar)
  8. Cafe Vermilionville (at the bar)
  9. Ruffino's on the RIver (at the bar)
  10. Ruth's Chris' (at the bar).

I would add to this list by mentioning the bar at Tsunami, the bar at Pamplona, the bar at Social Southern Table and Bar, and the bar at Bonefish Grill.

Did I not mention LaFonda?  Of course: LaFonda!

Which ones am I missing?

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