With a new year comes new data for ranking states from best to worst. The three spots at the top of the list are Washington, Minnesota and Utah. Can you guess where Louisiana sits on the list of 50?

According to US News, our beautiful state sits smack dab at the very bottom. With the list ranking from best to worst, this means Louisiana is number 50 out of 50.  How did we earn the last slot? Well, the data is based on eight different categories.

US News provided the following Louisiana stats in relation to these categories:

(These rankings are out of 50 from best to worst.)

  • Health Care: 46/50
  • Education: 48/50
  • Economy: 47/50
  • Infrastructure: 47/50
  • Opportunity: 48/50
  • Fiscal Stability: 42/50
  • Crime & Corrections: 50/50
  • Natural Environment: 49/50

If you are curious as to why Louisiana was ranked as the worst state to live in, US News offers a full break down of each state as well as a break down of each category by state.

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