So I watched the Atlanta/Panthers game until the very almost end, and then it was time for our Saints to come on to play Green Bay.

Saints Players
Chris Graythen, Getty Images

An early score for the Packers, and then it seemed to be downhill from there for the Saints. Here's what I want you to tell me:

Is it lack of talent?  It seems like we have some good people on our team (didn't the quarterback just get a raise or something?  I think I heard he's making $10/hour now - forgive me if I forgot to put ,000 after the 10), and that Shockey guy plays good, right (he is still with them, isn't he?)?

Is it lack of leadership?  (I know that Coach Payton is suspended; maybe he is coaching the team telepathetically).

Is it that the team is 'shaken up' from the Bountygate fiasco?

Should we have kept the Foot Locker referees?

What do YOU think?  Were we just outplayed the past 4 games?

Chime in!



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