Dora the Explorer knows its value and so do I. I love maps. I have been fascinated by maps ever since I was really small. Back then maps came from gas stations and were hard to refold once you unfolded them.

For me looking at a map always brought a sense of adventure. Even if I wasn't  going to be traveling anywhere I could create a destination in my mind and then figure out the different ways to get there.

Have you ever been so angry, emotional, slightly addled by cocktails, or just filled with wanderlust so badly that you wanted to know, " If I got away from here, what's the furthest place I could travel to"? Well I found a rather unique website that allows you to answer that question. As luck would have it. I have traveled to that place from my home. I didn't know it at the time but Australia is about as far from Louisiana as you can get.

Another quandary that many of us who spend way too much time alone have probably pondered is this, "If I started digging right where I am standing and could dig all the way through the Earth and then slip through the tunnel where would I be on the other side of the planet"?  Let me tell you this. It's not China and I hope you brought a boat.  If you want to see for yourself you can checkout this website.

If you've never planned a vacation by throwing darts at a map you're missing out on some great adventures. Many of us have our travel plans rooted in familiarity.  I am not knocking it, I am just suggesting that there is a lot more to the world than what you already know.

So pull out your map or open your map app on your phone and explore. As a wise man once said,   "Ships are safe in the harbor, but that's not what ships are built for". The same can be said for maps, they are fine in a drawer but that's not why they were made.


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