No, your birthday is not the right answer ... unless you were born on June 15th.

According to a survey posted on SWNS Digital, June 15th is the best day to have a birthday.

Honestly, there's no scientific reason why June 15th is such an excellent day to be born, it's just the most popular response when 2,000 people were polled about the day they would most like to be born. I kind of want to find these people and ask them why they love June 15th so much.

And, obviously, if there is a best day to be born there is also going to be a worst. The same people who love a good June 15th birthday absolutely have a Christmas birthday saying December 25th would be the worst day to be born. December 25th ranked lower than February 29th! Those poor leap year babies only get a birthday every 4 years and they still have a "better" birthday than people born on Christmas!

Let's be real though, no matter what day you were born on it's always a great day. I mean, it's the day you were born so celebrate!

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