The November 8th Election is approaching as early voting has begun and lasts through Tuesday, November 1.

While there are U.S. Congressional and U.S. Senate races on the ballot - as well as local races in your area - there are also eight Constitutional Amendment proposals up for your vote.

Brief History of the Louisiana State Constitution

The Louisiana State Constitution is the 11th version and was approved by voters in 1974. That's according to, which points out that the current constitution has been amended 203 times, most recently in 2021.

Louisiana tends to say "yes" to proposed Constitutional Amendments, approving 77 of the 108 proposed amendments between 2006 and 2021. As points out, that's the most of any state during that time frame.

PAR's Guides to the Constitutional Amendments

Every election cycle that contains any proposed Constitutional Amendments, the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana puts out an excellent guide to them. Amendment proposals are full of legal jargon and PAR does a fantastic job of putting that language in layman's terms. They make it clear not only what the Constitutional Amendment actually says but also what a Yes or No vote actually means for you.

PAR Guide to 8 Constitutional Amendments
PAR Guide to 8 Constitutional Amendments
PAR Guide to 8 Constitutional Amendments
PAR Guide to 8 Constitutional Amendments

Moon Griffon's Guide to the 8 Constitutional Amendments

Each election cycle, voters ask "The Voice of Louisiana" Moon Griffon to give his take on proposed Constitutional Amendments.


Do you support an amendment to increase to 65% the cap on the amount of monies in certain state funds that may be invested in stocks?

Moon Griffon: "No. The problem with this one is we don't know who the next State Treasurer will be. If we get a bad Treasurer, this could be disastrous for us."


Do you support an amendment to expand certain property tax exemptions for property on which the homestead exemption is claimed for certain veterans with disabilities?

Moon Griffon: "No. Although I'm for veterans getting whatever they deserve, the problem with this is that it's a local government tax issue and this hinders local government from collecting from another tax base."


Do you support an amendment to allow classified civil service employees to support the election to public office of members of their own families?

Moon Griffon: "No. I'm 100% against this one. Remember Huey Long and Edwin Edwards. That's all I have to say!"


Do you support an amendment to allow local governments to waive water charges that are the result of damage to the water system not caused by the customer?

Moon Griffon: "No. I think this opens the door for abuse."


Do you support an amendment to allow the levying of a lower millage rate by a local taxing authority while maintaining the authority's ability to adjust to the current authorized millage rate?

Moon Griffon: "No. They can already roll taxes ahead and hire whoever they want. So, the amendment fixes something that's not broken."


Do you support an amendment to limit the amount of an increase in the assessed value of residential property subject to the homestead exemption in Orleans Parish following reappraisal at ten percent of the property's assessed value in the previous year?

Moon Griffon: "No. Just leave it as it is. Let New Orleans be New Orleans and quit putting them up for statewide constitutional amendment votes."


Do you support an amendment to prohibit the use of involuntary servitude except as it applies to the otherwise lawful administration of criminal justice?

Moon Griffon: "No. The original language on this was fine but the current amendment language is horrible. If they want to come back with this proposal, then make the language more clear and quit screwing it up."


Do you support an amendment to remove the requirement that homeowners who are permanently totally disabled must annually re-certify their income to keep their special assessment level on their residences for property tax purposes?

Moon Griffon: "No. The proposed amendment is a solution in search of a problem. And it's a 'problem' that only deals with a few people."

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